Twopenny Hangover – 30/05/2016

My first show back. Featuring the following music

1.Spires That In The Sunset Rise- Grandma (Hairy Spider Legs)
2.Piper Spray- Telegraph - (Orange Milk)
3.Kraus- Summer is icumen In (Moniker)
4.Baxamaxam- Nabi Blues - (Black Sweat)
5.Al Doum and the Faryds- Lava (Black Sweat)
6.Joe McFee/Chris Corsano- For Muhammed Ali (Roaratorio)
7.Yva Las Vegass- Crack whore (Moniker)
8.Brute Heart- There are spirits <reprise> (Moon Glyph)
9.Forget The Times- Wash yr grippers (Already Dead Tapes)
10.Lossmaker- Mann hires Haim for sad caper film (Lo Bit Landscapes)
11.Viktor timofeev- Dec. 22nd (Lo Bit Landscapes)